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At Loomsona, we believe that art and creativity bring an added layer of beauty to our sustainable products. That's why we collaborate with talented artists who share our values, bringing unique designs that reflect our appreciation for aesthetics and the natural world.

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Artist’s Name

Olga Koelsch is an artist and pattern designer based in Bergen, Norway, who is passionate about nature. Her main source of inspiration comes from the stunning landscapes and gardens of Norway. With her expertise in traditional botanical illustration, Olga continually seeks out new trends in modern watercolor and graphic design. Over the past decade, she has designed patterns for home decor and apparel collections for clients worldwide. Olga's unique style combines delicate watercolors with a bohemian flair, resulting in whimsical and expressive pieces.

Knowing more about the Artist

What led you to pursue a career as a full-time watercolor artist and graphic designer?

As a mother of two, I was seeking a flexible and creative job that would allow me to balance work and family life. I had been painting since childhood, but only a few years ago did I decide to take it seriously and bring it to a professional level.

How do you draw inspiration for your patterns and paintings?

I have a deep love for flowers, which I always have at home and numerous photos of on my phone. I also find inspiration in floral shops and interior design magazines. I am fortunate to live in such a beautiful country as Norway, where gardens and landscapes are abundant sources of inspiration.

What colors and patterns do you prefer for your everyday personal products, such as bedsheets and comforters?

I am drawn to soft pastel colors and matching elements, as well as palettes that keep personal wardrobes and home decor evergreen and sustainable. While I enjoy designing delicate, feminine floral prints, my two boys have a passion for Ninjago prints and nothing else!

Working with Loomsona was great! They came up with interesting and fresh ideas, along with a clear vision, which made our collaboration highly productive.

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Welcome to Olga's exquisite Instagram feed, where delicate and whimsical watercolor art and design will transport you to a world of soft elegance.

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